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   Our factory was founded in 1983, 1987 to start producing motorcycle accessories, has 30 years of production experience. Now with the national each big motorcycle engine manufacturers cooperation, each year can produce more than 10 million sets, there are more than 80 kinds of specifications, our factory mainly produces all kinds of motorcycle engine reed valve, suspension bushing, intake pipe, when tight machine and all kinds of valve plate series. Products in strict accordance with the ISO9000 requirement to establish perfect quality assurance system, in 1998 passed the ISO9002 quality system certification, the existing staff of 130 people, in full accordance with the Japan suzuki request production, a unique technology and quality products won the trust of customers. At present our country common manufacturer production reed use of materials is USU301 materials instead of reed, because 301 reed have a variety of unstable number, make the product life greatly reduced. And our factory use Japan high carbon steel, through the heat treatment, make the product never deformation and keep the machine's service life. 
The factory production of motorcycle engine reed valve, suspension bushing, intake pipe, when tight machine and all kinds of valve plate series after several years of effort, the product quality has achieved import a technical standard, the major products supporting in motorcycle engine, generator, lawn mower, spray machine, purification check valve five kind of 80 kinds of products, including AX100 reed valve components with the jincheng group are exported to all over the world, by the national motorcycle maintenance station survey results show that reed valve components has reached 50000 kilometers trouble-free, suspension bushing test results, has reached 2.8 million times shock test. Be jincheng machinery co., LTD., jincheng suzuki companies, motorbike suzuki, jiangmen grand river group company, qianjiang group designated as a fixed point supporting unit, is jiangmen big Yangtze river named "quality advanced unit".

      Ninghai is located in the shore of east China sea, is a beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, and economic prosperity of the town and fish meters citrus village, water and electricity supply, the traffic is convenient. At present, our extension project, hope each big merchants to come to the joint venture.